Alcove Exhibit: Hats by Hess

South Wall – copies of portraits of some Hess family members, generously shared by  Boalsburg Heritage Museum.

Also note fracktur/birth & baptismal certificate, Suzanne Hess (niece of hatter John Hess.)

West Wall

Sample of receipts found in John Hess Estate. Notable quotes highlighted in smaller frame on right

East Wall – table, examples of type of hats made by John Hess in workshop west of house. Bowler hat form in case used by Hess (1800 – early 1900s), also small booklet with instructions and recipes relevant to art of hat making. Top of case is top hat made by Adam Hess for A.M. Biddle wedding, 1845 (on loan from Centre Co. Library & Historical Museum.)

See interesting tidbits in frames on wall regarding hat making in general

North Wall – on floor, Watson Fort bell recently acquired in trade-deal with Penns Valley Area School District, formerly used as roving prize for soccer games

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