Room 1: FLAX From Field to Fabric

Outside – Blue flax plants, sprouted from eatable golden flax seeds.
South Wall – various handmade wooden tools used to process flax plant fibers into yarn or thread. Flax brake, scutching board & knife, hatchel/hackle, clock reel & spinning wheel complete with 3 bobbin options.
West Wall – rug loom, not quite the same as those used to weave cloth but principle is the same. Lengthwise threads on loom are warp, weft threads woven in at right angle with shuttle. Additional spinning wheels, missing some parts.
North Wall – pages of Williamsburg magazine article about flax and hemp in colonial USA.
Also contract for new business retailing flax threshing machines by original owner of Woodward Inn
Linen duster, ours is a women’s but men wore them too. Child’s simple dress made with homespun fabric.
East Wall – cupboard contains homespun household items, all homespun fabrics but a mix of linen & cotton
Early Singer sewing machine, like hand weaving, painstaking hand sewing gave way to machines when Isaac Singer produced the first commercially successful machines, early-1850s.

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